Acting Judge

My professional career has prepared me to be your judge in many ways. After graduating from the Case Western University School of Law, I opened my practice on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. The first case that I tried was defending an individual in the very court I now wish to serve as judge. Since then I have handled and tried cases in every municipal court in northeast Ohio and throughout our State.

A large part of my current practice includes assisting clients dealing with housing code violations. An oftentimes overlooked and underappreciated role of any municipal court is dealing with housing code violations. These violations are brought against anyone from an owner occupied individual that has fallen on hard times and cannot afford to maintain her home to, as we are seeing more and more, out-of-state absentee landlords that refuse to maintain their properties. In our Court, it is important for the Judge to have the experience necessary to deal with such cases within the limits of the law, and if there is a finding of guilt, responsibly determine a sentence commensurate with the crime and its impact on our City.

In addition to my years of practice as an attorney, I have also been serving as an Acting Judge in the Cleveland Heights Municipal Court. As an Acting Judge, I temporarily serve in the Court when the Judge is absent, hearing and deciding those same cases that I would hear and decide should I become judge. That service has including hearing and deciding forcible entry and detainer cases, conducting pretrials, and setting bail.

In my practice, I understand and value the rule of law. When I sit on the bench as Acting Judge, my focus is on the application of the law in a way that is fairly applied and enforced.  Should I be elected Judge, I will endeavor to use my experiences to preserve the principles of justice and the rule of law in our Court.